What Is The Best Roof For A Mobile Home

Mobile homes usually come with flat roofs or gentler slopes that are generally used for permanent structures. A mobile home roof usually places new roofs or roofing materials over the existing roof. Often there is no material removed to keep the costs down. You even require less labor. The roof of a mobile home also allows you to change the look of your mobile home completely. There are many color and design options as well. You can install different material roofs to give your home a different feel.  The two most commonly used kinds of roofs are flat and peaked. You can make flat roofs peaked and vice versa.

In this post, I’ll help you choose the best roof for a mobile home.

Let’s dive in.

Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofs are the most widely used roofing option for mobile homes. The great thing about them is that they’re very sturdy and can protect the home from harsh weather. The options for mobile homes are composition shingles or asphalt shingles.

Shingle roofing is a great option for mobile homes as they’re very inexpensive. Mobile homes generally have smaller roofs, so it’s a good option. And mobile homes that have flat roofs only need a signal layer of shingles, making them very affordable.

Shingles greatly enhance the look of the mobile home. This, in turn, increases the value and appeal of your mobile home. Not to mention these shingles are incredibly durable. They’re can protect your home from any weather and are waterproof. These last for almost 30 years.

Photo of toolbelt with instrument and nail gun lying on asphalt or bitumen shingle on top of the new roof under construction residential house or building

Metal Roofing

One of the biggest advantages of a metal roof is that it’s energy efficient and reduces bills. Metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays from home, keeping it cool. It also helps to insulate heat inside the mobile home, so it keeps the house warm in the winter and reduces the heating bills.

Metal roofing makes for incredibly durable roofs. They can withstand almost any severe weather conditions. It can even handle hurricane-level winds. Contrary to what you might think, they usually don’t corrode. Not to mention they are also quite impact-resistant.

Metal roofing lasts for a long time. While installing metal roofs can seem expensive at first, they’re your best bet in the long run. They can even last up to 70 years. Additionally, they’re generally installed on top of a pre-existing roof. That also helps reduce the cost.

Metal Roof

Rubber Roofing

Mobile home roofs are generally flat, so you can even use rubber roofing. It’s waterproof, so it’s great against rain and harsh weather conditions. It even helps against leakage. Typically, a thin sheet of rubber is stretched across the roof in rubber roofing systems. It’s usually topped over an existing roof to act as an insulating, waterproof layer. Rubber roofings are extremely easy to install. And it doesn’t take much time, you can do it in less than a day.

But the downside of rubber roofings is that they’re not exactly good-looking. So, if appearance is your top priority, then rubber roofing isn’t for you. They also need to be installed in dry conditions, which might be tricky if you live in a tropical environment.

Rubber Roofing

Liquid Roofing

Liquid roofing may seem a bit unfamiliar, but they’re like rubber coating, which gets coated as a waterproof layer over a pre-existing roof. It can even be applied with just a paint roller. The liquid roofing then dries up and becomes waterproof. It’s a great option due to its affordability and ease of use. Additionally, it can withstand extreme temperatures. But prone to tearing up if something falls on top of it. Another problem is that it can get slippery after an extended period.

TPO Roofing

Thermoplastic polyolefin, also known as TPO, can also be used as roofing. It reflects the sun’s rays helping reduce heat and save energy bills. They usually come in 12 and 20 feet wide. For its various color options, it’s becoming very popular these days. But it can be a bit tricky to install. And due to it being new, it’s hard to predict its longevity.

To Wrap It Up

Mobile home roofs come in a variety of materials and designs. Your home’s appearance and atmosphere may be entirely changed by it. This post will help you decide on the best roof for you.

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Kevin Oliphant - Co-Owner of Faith Mobile Homes in South Carolina
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