6 Ways To Cool Your Mobile Home In South Carolina

An intense summer day can drive up the cooling bills, especially if you’re a mobile home owner in South Carolina. The bills can easily skyrocket when trying to stay cool in the South Carolina heat. 

Apart from being uncomfortable, intense heat can be very dangerous. So, keeping your mobile home cool is your best bet in surviving the excruciating heat and staying comfortable while saving money.

In this post, I’ll show you 6 ways to keep your mobile home cool in South Carolina while saving energy so your bills don’t skyrocket.

Let’s dive in.

How To Keep Your Mobile Home Cool

Most mobile homes, especially the older ones, don’t have great insulation and are covered with aluminum sidings that attract and trap heat. You could do a few things to lower the temperature of your mobile home on your own.

So, let’s take a look at 6 ways you can cool down the temperature of your mobile home in South Carolina.

1. Upgrade Your Mobile Home’s Insulation

Surprisingly insulation doesn’t just keep your home warm in the winter. It’s also crucial in keeping your home cool in the summer. The insulation traps the cold air and prevents the hot air outside from heating up the house, keeping the inside of your house cool even on extremely hot days.

Upgrading the insulation of your mobile home is one of the easiest ways to keep your house cool. It’s a pretty affordable and easy upgrade. Add A Cool Roof Coating or cool using insulating skirtings.

During the summer, the summer rays fall directly on your roof, heating your mobile home. One of the best ways to cool your mobile home is using a cool roof coating.

There are two main types of roof coatings –

  • Aluminized – This is the most widely used roof coating. This is very easy to install. It can reflect 60% of the sun’s rays
  • Elastomeric – This one is the better option. It can reflect up to 70%-85% of the sun’s rays. A single two-coat can last up to 10 years

Of the two, the elastomeric roof coating offers the best cooling during hot South Carolina summers.

Kool Seal for Mobile Homes

2. Use A Split AC System

The ductless split AC system is the most widely used option for cooling a mobile home. These are incredibly energy efficient and quiet. You can place them throughout your home without installing ductwork.

Split ACs can separate your homes into different cooling zones with different temperatures. And they usually consume less power and are less expensive than central AC. This is a very economical way to cool your mobile home. These are also very easy to install. So, it’s a great option to keep your home cool.

3. Use Window Shades

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to keep your mobile home cool is, applying a film that protects the home from glare and sunlight. It’s especially useful during sunrise and sunset because the sun’s rays are the most intense at that time.

Depending on the film, they can block up to 70% of the sun’s heat and reflect 70% of the sun’s glare. It can also block up to 99% 0f UV rays.

Besides keeping your home cool in the summer, it also retains heat in the winter.

They’re very easy to install. They’re also incredibly easy to remove and reuse. And their affordability also makes them a compelling choice.

Window Shade for Mobile Home

4. Keep The Air Circulating

Keeping the air flowing in your home will keep the home’s temperature low. Fans can keep the home’s temperature consistent by effectively regulating the airflow. Box fans and ceiling fans can help out your AC by lowering the temperature of the house.

Fans can also help prevent the room from feeling suffocating. It’s an inexpensive fix to your heating problem.

5. Remove The Humidity From The Air

High humidity makes the heat more unbearable than it already is. It can get very unpleasant, especially in a humid climate like South Carolina.

Having a dehumidifier in your home can get rid of the humidity from your home and make it more comfortable. You can buy stand-alone dehumidifiers or ones attached to the AC unit.

Stand alone Dehumidifier for Mobile Home

To Wrap It Up

Summers can be rough. Especially for homeowners. But if you implement these 6 options, you can significantly cool down your mobile home in South Carolina.

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Kevin Oliphant - Co-Owner of Faith Mobile Homes in South Carolina
Kevin Oliphant

Kevin Oliphant is the co-owner of Faith Mobile Home Solutions, a South Carolina-based company specializing in buying and selling mobile homes. Passionate about affordable housing, he ensures quality service and customer satisfaction.

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