Mobile Home Manufacturers in South Carolina

In the huge state of South Carolina, are you thinking of purchasing a new mobile home? South Carolina, also called the Palmetto State, has boundaries with Georgia and North Carolina. It is situated in the eastern region of the USA and has a temperate climate with a fair amount of rainfall.Β With an emphasis on energy efficiency and little ongoing care, South Carolina modular homes are specifically constructed for the environment’s distinctive features. With a population of slightly over 4.7 million, South Carolina has an average home sales price of about $225,000. In South Carolina, a mobile home typically costs between $50 and $70 per square foot. As a result, considering that the cost of a mobile home in South Carolina is, on average, $108,000, prospective homeowners there should consider buying a mobile home. However, these costs could be different in large cities like Charleston and Columbia, where the price of land and site upgrades is often higher. Many people find it hard to select the manufacturer for their mobile home. Here is a list of some South Carolina mobile home manufacturers to get you started!

Mobile Home Building

Sunshine Homes

Sunshine Houses is a financially stable, family-owned business with operations in Alabama that has been building high-quality mobile homes since 1971. Sunshine’s many models, which include a vast selection of single-wide, double-wide, and triple-wide mobile homes, are created to suit every taste and price range. Sunshine offers the home for you with over 51 years of experience in the mobile home industry. Currently, 29-floor layouts are available for purchase.

Deer Valley Homebuilders

Eight men with more than 125 years of combined expertise in general production, management, customer service, sales, and finance created Deer Valley Homebuilders Inc. in January 2004. Our priority continues to be on our cherished staff, who we assist in their quest to be the finest home builders in our sector. The mutual devotion of our employees translates into top quality for our clients and, most significantly, for our homes. Right now, customers can order 93 different floor plans.

Destiny Homes

Their business, which is based on a strong foundation, has been producing cheap, high-quality mobile homes since 1978. their people’s common values and ideas are what truly make us strong. With more than sixty licensed merchants in the Southeast, they are in a unique position to provide clients with energizing and novel services and to increase the appeal of affordable housing to a broad range of consumers. You can buy with confidence when you buy a Destiny Home. Presently, 21-floor layouts are available for purchase.

Kabco Builders Inc.

Kabco Builders, Inc. was initially established in May 2003, and by the fall of their first year, they had built their first HUD-approved manufactured home. Kabco’s senior management currently has a combined 75 years of experience in the manufactured housing industry, and they are delighted to provide one of the best-built prefabricated homes on the market right now. 135-floor layouts are available for purchase.

Cappaert Manufactured Housing

With possibilities to purchase through Retail Sales Centers in seven states in the Southeast, Cappaert has a wide variety of layouts to choose from, ranging in size from 600 square feet to 2280 square feet. For the past 25 years, Cappaert Manufactured Housing has maintained its reputation as a leading manufacturer of manufactured homes. Offering a high-quality product at a reasonable price has proven to be a winning formula. 66-floor plans are currently available for ordering.

Champion Homes

In Benton, Kentucky, Champion Houses construct cheap, high-quality mobile homes for their network of Midwestern American retailers. Single- and double-wide homes in their “Prime” Series come with a ton of basic features that are practical for daily life. 9-floor plans are currently available for purchase.

Legacy Housing

One of the best prices in mobile homes and tiny homes in America is Legacy Housing. We are the best option for an economical, well-built home at pricing tens of thousands less than a site-built home, with more than 130 dealer sites nationally. South Carolina is proudly served by Legacy Housing. 133-floor layouts are presently available for ordering.

To Wrap It Up

There are many South Carolina mobile home manufacturers to choose from. Do some research to find the one that best suits your needs. You’ll be sure to find a manufacturer that can provide you with the perfect home for your needs.

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Kevin Oliphant - Co-Owner of Faith Mobile Homes in South Carolina
Kevin Oliphant

Kevin Oliphant is the co-owner of Faith Mobile Home Solutions, a South Carolina-based company specializing in buying and selling mobile homes. Passionate about affordable housing, he ensures quality service and customer satisfaction.