How to Get a Permit to Move a Mobile Home in South Carolina

Living in a mobile home offers several advantages, including lower purchase and maintenance expenses and environmental friendliness. Convenience is yet another important factor driving people to choose a mobile home. Frequently, mobile homes can be moved by being hooked to the back of a truck.Β It’s crucial to understand the technicalities of getting a permit to move mobile homes as well as the rules that specify when, how, and whether it’s legal to move a mobile home in South Carolina. Here are the laws you should be aware of while relocating a mobile home in South Carolina, as well as some additional advice about getting a permit.

Moving Mobile Home

Required Documents for the Moving Permit in South Carolina

The rental agent, The owner, or the person in possession must first get moving permission from the licensing agent if the mobile home is to be moved. A copy of the mobile home’s certificate of title or a copy of the application for a certificate of title submitted to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles is required by the licensing agent before they will issue a moving permit. Additionally, the county treasurer must certify that there are no unpaid taxes owed on the mobile home.

Any taxes that have already been assessed for the calendar year in which the move is being made must be paid in full. If taxes have not yet been assessed for that year, the assessor must furnish the county auditor with an assessment, and the auditor must apply the prior year’s millage. Prior to providing the licensing agent with the necessary certificate, the county treasurer is required to collect the taxes. The county treasurer is also responsible for providing the permit application with a receipt proving that all taxes have been paid.

Permit-Imposed Maximums for Mobile Homes in South Carolina

The maximum height for a mobile home should be 15′ with a maximum width of 16′. A maximum length of 100 feet is necessary. 

A Permit for Multiple Trips is good for 12 months after it is issued. Permit for Multiple Trips may travel on all SC, US, and Interstate highways with the highest dimensions specified above. It is not permitted to travel on minor roads; in order to do so, a separate permit that is route-specific must be issued from the office of permit.

Each permit issued must include the full identification number of the vehicle and the plate number for the towing vehicle.

For weights up to a height of 15’ and up to 130,000 lbs, multiple trip permits for non-divisible loads and mobile homes can get route-specific permission.

Permits for Multiple trips can be self-issued 24/7 using an OW/OS account or by logging in as a temporary user. This applies to mobile homes. The permit will be automatically issued with the aforementioned preset dimensions.

For the purpose of transporting mobile home sections and the parts required to put the mobile home together, an Oversize Permit must be issued. This includes, but is not limited to,  dormers, trusses, shingles, and gable end walls, as long as the combined dimensions of the various sections and parts do not exceed those specified on the permit for overall width, height, length, and weight. Multiple parts must not be transported end to end or side by side, causing an overhang on the vehicle or a group of vehicles’ sides.

Permit costs:

  • $30.00 Single Trip Permit
  • $35.00 Extra width over 16′
  • $40.00 for excessive width over 18′
  • $45.00 for excessive width exceeding 20′
  • $50.00 for excessive width over 22′
  •  Permit for  Multiple Trip (Annual) $100

While being transferred, the mobile home must have the moving permit with it. The requisite moving permit must be properly displayed and accompany the mobile home while being relocated; this is the responsibility of the mobile home transporter.

To Wrap it Up

Even though it seems that relocating a mobile home in South Carolina, even a small distance, would be difficult, it is possible with the right planning. Just remember to abide by the laws and norms, steer clear of typical blunders, pick a trustworthy moving company, and don’t forget to conduct your research.

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Kevin Oliphant - Co-Owner of Faith Mobile Homes in South Carolina
Kevin Oliphant

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