How To Sell A Mobile Home That Must Be Moved in South Carolina

Due to the ever-increasing prices of regular houses, mobile homes are becoming popular alternatives. Mobile homes are a great alternative to regular houses for many reasons. Now, suppose you plan to sell your mobile home in South Carolina, whether it be to move into a permanent house or upgrade to a better mobile home. There are some procedures you must follow and things you’ll need. First, they are typically much less expensive than a traditional home. This is especially true if you purchase a used mobile home in South Carolina. Mobile homes also offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of where you can live. You can easily move your mobile home to a new location if you need to. Finally, mobile homes are typically much easier to maintain than traditional homes. This is because they do not require as much upkeep and repairs.

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Mobile Home Transportation in South Carolina

Mobile Home Title

The mobile home title is the official record of ownership of a mobile home. The Title is an important document used to prove the mobile home’s ownership. The Title is also used to transfer ownership of the mobile home to a new owner.

The MVD issues the mobile home title. The Title is issued when the mobile home is first sold. The Title is also issued when the ownership of the mobile home is transferred to a new owner.

The mobile home title is a legal document. The Title must be transferred to a new owner when the mobile home is sold.

If you are the property owner, you may apply for the tax deed by contacting the county tax assessor’s office.

Purchase or Contract of Sale

If you are selling a home in South Carolina, you will most likely be asked to sign a contract of sale. This contract is between the buyer and the seller and is a legally binding document that outlines the details of the transaction, including the purchase price, the closing date, any repairs that must be made, and who is responsible for paying the real estate commissions. The contract of sale also gives the buyer the right to have the home inspected.

You will also be asked to sign a purchase agreement. This document outlines the terms and conditions of the sale and is between the buyer and the seller. The purchase agreement should include a clause that allows the buyer to cancel the contract if the home is not up to their standards.

Before you sign any contract, have your lawyer review it to ensure you understand all of the terms and conditions.

Bill of Sale

A Bill of Sale is a legal document used to transfer the ownership of certain property from one person to another. The bill of sale must contain the names of the buyer and seller, the address and legal description of the property, and the date of the sale.

The bill of sale can be done on a regular piece of paper.

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Tax Clearance Certificate

You’ll need a tax clearance certificate from the county in which the mobile home is located. This certificate verifies that all taxes on the mobile home have been paid and that the mobile home is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances.

A tax clearance certificate is also available online. You can check to see if any unpaid property taxes are owed on your mobile home.

Manufactured Home Moving Permit

To sell a mobile home that must be moved to South Carolina, you will first need to obtain a manufactured home moving permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles. This permit will allow you to move the mobile home to its new location. Once you have obtained the permit, you can sell the mobile home and arrange for it to be moved to its new location.

You will need to submit an application for the permit, which can be found on the Department of Motor Vehicles website.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you’re switching homes or upgrading, you must know the rules and regulations to sell your mobile home properly – and after this – now you know how to.

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