Can I Put A Mobile Home On My Property In South Carolina?

Recently mobile homes have seen an upsurge in popularity, especially in South Carolina. Many people are gravitating toward mobile homes instead of traditional homes. Their affordable price, assembly, and maintenance ease make them a great alternative to traditional homes.

But before you buy your mobile home, you need to know if you can put it on your property. Properly dealing with all the official and legal work before making such a massive investment is crucial.

In this article, we’ll explore, putting a mobile home on your property.

Let’s dive in.

Mobile Home on Private Land in South Carolina
Placing a Mobile Home on Private Land in SC

Can You Put A Mobile Home On Your Property In South Carolina

Mobile homes are usually placed on mobile home parks or private properties. So, yes, you can put your mobile home on your property in South Carolina. But you can’t place a mobile home on a property without the proper paperwork from the planning department.

Placing a mobile home on your property typically requires obtaining the necessary permits and approvals. The process may involve submitting an application, providing documentation related to the mobile home, and paying applicable fees. It is essential to contact your local government or zoning authority to understand the specific requirements and procedures for obtaining these permits.

There are a few things that you need to know before you place your mobile home, including:


First, ensure your land is zoned for mobile homes. Zoning regulations vary depending on the state and county. Some counties have regulations on size, location, or even appearance. For instance, some areas require mobile homes to be placed on a permanent foundation and some allow them on wheels.

Zoning regulates how land is used for development. South Carolina uses zoning areas like residential zoning, mobile home zoning, and mobile home parks. Mobile home zoning areas are strictly used for mobile homes. They also have regulations for safety, ventilation, and other setbacks.

Mobile Home Zoning Regulations in South Carolina

The zoning permit gets issued based on compliance with mobile home regulations as per state and county laws. These regulations include a mobile home bill of sale state, state license, moving permit, septic tank permit,  and copy of the state agreement.


Licensing is essential for placing your mobile home on your property. The government issues a license to mobile homeowners. You must acquire the license within 15 days from an agent after bringing the mobile home into the state.

To apply for the license, submit a copy of the certificate of your mobile home to an agent. After paying the fee, filling out the form, and submitting it, you receive the title for your mobile home.

Moving Permit

You’ll also need a moving permit to comply with state or county laws to get the zoning permit. The moving permit allows you to move in and out of South Carolina. 

To receive the permit, submit the receipts from the county tax collector and county treasurer to the Tax Assessor’s office. This is proof that all taxes and fees have been paid.

Federal Regulations

To put a mobile home on your property in South Carolina, you need to meet the Federal Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards. The required criteria for getting the permit include the following:

  • The mobile home needs to follow the manufactures instruction manual. In case the manual isn’t available, the home needs to get installed per the standards of the South Carolina Manufactured Housing Board Regulations
  • Put permanent landing steps with hardtails with each door
  • Requires masonry for permanent outdoor installation and skirting all around the house with brick
  • Utilize independent electric meters. Utilizing power without utilizing separate meters is prohibited and is subject to penalties.  
  • Remove all wheels, axles, and any moving or towing equipment.
  • Provide a sewage system that has been certified by DHEC.

To Wrap It Up

South Carolina imposes a few rules for putting a mobile home on your property. The legal work may seem daunting, but this article will help you get started and explain how to approach everything. 

Understand all the terms and policies and familiarize yourself with all the regulations and you’ll be able to put your mobile home on your property in South Carolina.

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Kevin Oliphant - Co-Owner of Faith Mobile Homes in South Carolina
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